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Professional Resume - Jane Ansara

Over 15 years of analytics originating in finance. Migrated to digital marketing analytics 9 years ago, consulting for clients of all industries and digital marketing goals;


Highlights include:

Analytics Architecture

Analytics Lead / Architect on the redesign of Adobe Analytics for a Private Wealth Management portal

+ Well exceeded the capabilities of the existing analytics implementation by developing detailed tracking of self-service tools to enable comprehensive analysis of engagement

+ Established new capabilities to derive insights by user categories through the development of UserID classifications and advanced segmentation

+ Collaborated with senior stakeholders to design and establish framework for ongoing analysis of portal performance to support continued development

Analytics Lead / Architect on the multi-site redesign for a Building Product Manufacturer as they diversify their offering into 2 distinct businesses; Flooring and Ceiling products, for both Residential and Commercial markets

+ Initiated analytics involvement in sprint 0, analyzed the current site performance to guide UX (User Experience) designers and create an analytics strategy

+ Architected a scalable solution design across all properties that well surpassed the original measurement capabilities. Created comprehensive analytics around tools, videos and articles to learn how site engagements contribute to key conversion events. Built in diagnostics to ensure all unexpected results could be easily investigated. Structured dashboards to monitor key performance indicators and offer quick access to underlying causes of changes in performance

+ Ensured continued integrity of marketing analytics producing and presenting comprehensive documentation, trained analysts and marketers in both reporting and analytics administration

+ Conducted early analysis of newly launched sites, demonstrating site performance and establishing measurement practices that continue support data driven decisions today


Lead Analytics Consultant for a major US Financial Organizations’ Executive Office supporting the global marketing program

+ Identified performance in thought leadership (videos, infographics, articles and podcasts) through analysis of multi-channel engagement

+ Informed on a strategy that successfully increased engagement in key content across all channels. Coordinated with 3rd party media partners to aggregate data from multiple sources. Created data visualizations and presented to senior stakeholders establishing new practices for performance measurement

Lead Analyst for a Life Insurance company supporting their US national marketing programs

+ Proved the effectiveness of the “Be Well For Life” consumer marketing campaign to engage visitors and drive brand awareness through social media

+ Demonstrated how online marketing drove offline sales (of life insurance policies), established benchmarks and informed on opportunities to optimize campaign performance